Fairway Manufacturing Company focuses on two main types of businesses; the promotional trade, like give-aways and business advertising, and the souvenir trade  for products and  merchandise to sell in gift and souvenir shops and marketing.  Because these are two diverse business segments, we streamlines our sales strategies, advertising and direct marketing for each segment specifically.   For both types of companies, we work closely with the owners, managers and marketers to produce the best products for their brand. We market our  trade show activity throughout the US and directly at the end customers in an effort to actively create the demand for our products.  This puts us on the course of  common benefit of our customers who purchase our floaty pens and  to Fairway Manufacturing.  In this section of our website we hope you become inspired by the world of The Original Floating Action Pen.


Whether you are looking for promotional ballpoint pens or for souvenir pens you’ve come to the right place.  A floaty pen goes way beyond what a plain old boring pen does for everyone.  Custom floaty pens add a special touch to a rather boring product.  The floaty pen can really convey what you want your customers and clients to know about your company or attraction.  Don’t give away the same old pens your competitors do, give away a floaty pen and make your client feel extra special!

We’re going to hopefully inspire you to design your pens today.  We offer a FREE consultation to answer all your questions about our floaty pens.  We have talented artists to help with your design if you need one.  Call us today!! 1-800-325-0889  Show your customers you have that extra special something your competitors just don’t.  A really clever way to promote your business with floaty pens, key rings and more!   Let’s get started!

Lets take a look at some ideas for your floaty pens.  We’ve broken it down to help you find your niche:

Fairway Manufacturing Company Custom Design Floaty Pens are the largest North American designers and distributors of the Eskesen Floaty Pens and acrylics.  If you have any more questions, don’t hesitate to call us at Fairway Manufacturing Company 1-800-325-0889

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Custom Floaty Pens
Custom Floaty Pens by Fairway Manufacturing Co.
Contact us today for your FREE quote on Floating View Pens, Rock Pencils, Key Chains and More. Please remember there is a 500 piece minimum on ALL products. (You can mix and match floating view products with the same design to make up the 500 pcs.)
  • Perfect for souvenirs
  • Low 500 piece minimum order
  • A unique way to highlight your product line
  • Great ROI for your business
  • A true keepsake for your visitors
  • Perfect for company give-aways
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Minimum order 500 pieces
Thank You. We will contact you as soon as possible.