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Out of ideas for your customer’s next product launch? No problem. Fairway Manufacturing Company has experience to help you find the perfect product.  We’ve gained our knowledge from being in business for more than 63 years as souvenir wholesalers, importers and manufacturers of souvenirs and corporate identity products. We have tens of thousands of projects that we can share with you, to help find the right product for your clients advertising.  You’ll be able to gain a lot of ideas from our knowledge with promotional products, which will make you look fantastic to your clients/customers.

Floaty Pen Inspiration for Ad Agencys

Floaty Pen Inspiration for Ad Agencies

We understand that an ad agency or a reseller of promotional products is faced with high demands from your clients/customers.  You need to come up with some pretty unique solutions that will give your particular client/customer that edge in the marketing world that they want and ensure a high ROI on their budgets.  Your task is to provide your customers with the ability to grow and prosper through creative advertising and marketing. Ten or twenty years ago you could get away with most anything, and even the most simple gadget would hit a home run. Unfortunately, this is no longer the case.

Few promotional products have a life span of more than a few years, but the Original Floating Action Pens have proven their worth for more than six decades, underlining not only the product’s own quality but also the promotional value and attention it creates for the end customers.  The floaty pen has become a big collectors item in recent years. People will pay top dollar for these pens. Why not add them to your line of products?  We can get you started on a cool new way to brand any company.

Companies in segments as diverse as Pharmaceutical, IT-technology, Communication, investment banking, transport, food and drinks and many more have recognized the value of the floating action pens in their marketing and branding. Fairway Manufacturing is the North American Distributor for floaty pens in the USA. Our references include many of the world’s leading tourist attractions and brands who have all chosen the Original Floating Action Pen for one reason – because it works!

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Custom Floaty Pens by Fairway Manufacturing Co.
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