Baseball & Softball Team Promotional Floating View Pens

Baseball & Softball Promotional & Souvenir Pens

Baseball is a popular game, especially in the US, but it is gaining popularity around the world. Whether it is intended for Major league, Minor league or any other league, The Original Floating Action Pens ensure a home run with fans.  The floating action pen comes in the shape of a baseball bat for that extra promotional “must have” look . Make them a limited edition and watch them sell like crazy! It’s a fantastic way to promote your team & support them with sales. Floaty Pens will be a HIT with fans!

Contact us today for a FREE quote for Custom Floating Action Pens for your business today!  Want more information on our pen designs & products, please visit our other site at Fairway Manufacturing Co.

Baseball and softball Team Promotions

Baseball and softball Team Promotions


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Custom Floaty Pens
Custom Floaty Pens by Fairway Manufacturing Co.
Contact us today for your FREE quote on Floating View Pens, Rock Pencils, Key Chains and More. Please remember there is a 500 piece minimum on ALL products. (You can mix and match floating view products with the same design to make up the 500 pcs.)
  • Perfect for souvenirs
  • Low 500 piece minimum order
  • A unique way to highlight your product line
  • Great ROI for your business
  • A true keepsake for your visitors
  • Perfect for company give-aways
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Minimum order 500 pieces
Thank You. We will contact you as soon as possible.