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Give quality or don’t give anything! No matter the promotion, it’s really important to select quality gifts that reflect the values of your company. A plain old pen with your company logo on it, well, everyone does that. The pen gets misplaced or tossed aside. Everyone have plain old pens with a corporate logo on them. Take a look in your desk drawer right now. What do you see? Now you know what we mean when we say that a pen with your name on it stops working after a short time. If you give your potential clients or customers a custom floaty pen, they will be sure to hold on to it. What kind of image to you want to give to your customers?

We’ve found effective branding is in a living media – the way promotion should be!
It gets your customers attention and holds on to it.

Fairway Manufacturing Company Line of Floaty Pen Products and Key Tags

Fairway Manufacturing Company Line of Floaty Pen Products and Key Tags

Pens and key tags/rings are the top-selling promotional products world wide. The Original Floating Action Pens are among the most popular pens with both large corporations and small to medium sized business. Their ability to convey a clear and simple message to the consumer or other businesses is priceless. The Original Floating Action Pens and Key Tags/rings show motion in a liquid-filled barrel. This makes the products optimal for the promotion and branding of all types of products and services. You get a higher ROI because the life span of The Original Floating Action products is much higher than for comparable products.

When planning your next product launch, convention, marketing campaign or any other event that requires promotional products, the professional graphics team at Fairway Manufacturing Company can assist you in developing the optimal Floating Action design for your specific needs. We can either create the look and feel you want to convey about your company or we can adapt your art into a floaty pen masterpiece. All Floating Action designs are customized and adapted to the specific needs of our customers. We ensure that you obtain maximum exposure and benefit from your investment in promotional products.

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Definition: A give-away is a type of marketing promotion where something is given away for free. Companies often use give-aways to spread the word about their products, to make themselves more memorable in their customers’ minds, or to get people to try something new in the hopes that they will continue to buy the product.

Are give-aways becoming increasingly important in your efforts to obtain consumer and customer attention in a competitive market? How can you make your company stand out? Do you wish to go with the flow and purchase the same regular give-aways as most of your competitors? Do you want to stand out from the crowd so your company and products get noticed? Then you want a clever way to promote your products and be remembered by your existing and potential customers. A pen is not just a pen. Sure you can write with it and most pens do a brilliant job at that. Sadly, most plain old pens lead a short life. They end up in a waste basket or hide in a drawer forever to be buried under papers and other pens. A printed company name on a promotional pen is not exactly something you would show to your business associates with pride, but a floaty pen is! Everyone will want to know where you got it, and if they can get one too! You’ve  just generated buzz about your companies products just by giving away a cool floaty pen to a potential client or customer. they are going to remember your company and they are going to show everyone that pen. A Floating Action Pen. It is kept by it’s users and they show it to their co-workers, friends and business associates due to the exciting Floating Action scene in the pen barrel. For you this means more exposure, a much longer life span of your promotional campaign and a higher ROI.


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