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You’ve come to the right place to order floaty pens!  We’re going to give you the information you need to create your own floaty pens.  Once you’ve gotten everything together, send us your information and we will get your pens made.  Please be aware that there is a 550 pen minimum.  you can order more, but no less then 550 pens.

If you have ANY questions at all, please call Mark @ 1-800-325-0889
He will be able to answer any question you have about floaty pens and rock pens.

What you will need for ordering floaty pens:

Floating Pen Artwork ExampleWhat you want for a design is up to you.  If you’re not sure, please call us to discuss possibilities for designs. We’ve designed thousands of pens and can help you make a decision on your design.  You will need to think of a few things when designing.  You’ll need a background scene.  This can be a forest, a road, an amusement park, etc.  It’s to help set the scene of your floaty pen.   Next you’ll need a Floater.  This is the image you want to float up and down your pen design.  This can be the name of your attraction, a bat in a cave, people walking, a black bear perhaps.  It’s going to be the main focus of your pen, so you want it to be interesting and defiantly part of the scene you’re trying to set.  Next you’ll want to think of a foreground.  this will be on top of the background and your floating image.  You can add a few trees, a covered bridge, a stalagmite or a building.  The floating image will go behind the foreground, so you can have an image disappear or just go behind, say a single tree.  The foreground will give your pen that extra 3-D effect to it.  There are various ways you can create your pens.  We have artists standing by to help with your vision.  Call us today at 1-800-325-0889 with your questions.   We’ll help you get going on your pen design today!

How to create a design for a Floating Action Pen

It is very simple to design a floating action pen. Watch the below animation to see just how simple it is.  You can just imagine how cool your pen is going to look when you see our demonstration pen at work.  Floating Action pens really are unique and special.


  • For artwork made up in Illustrator or other vectorized programmes, it is essential to outline the font required.
  • For artwork made up in Photoshop or other pixel-based programmes, the image resolution must be 300 dpi minimum.
  • If document/fill includes imported image files, then these need to be sent separately in either .eps or .tiff format.
  • To achieve optimum print quality, the logos and texts are to be submitted in vectorized format.
  • When a special Pantone colour is required, the Pantone reference number needs to be mentioned in the artwork. Artwork must be submitted with correct Pantone colour.
  • Please place artwork files in a WinZip folder and send it to orders@fairwaymfg.com and mark it ATTN: Mark,  along with your name and phone number for further contact regarding your order.

Artwork must be submitted digitally in the following sizes:


Floaty Pen and Acrylic Key ringLong barrel model for pens:
Back panel:                     160,0 x 19,5 mm                        1890 x 230 pixels
Floater:                   55,0-100,0 x 21,0 mm                 650-1181 x 248 pixels
Background:                    160,0 x 23,3 mm                        1890 x 275 pixels
Foreground:                    160,0 x 19,5 mm                        1890 x 230 pixels

Short barrel model for floaty key rings and key ring pens:
Back panel:                   125,0 x 19,5 mm                         1476 x 230 pixels
Floater:                 55,0-100,0 x 21,0 mm                  650-1181 x 248 pixels
Background:                 125,0 x 23,3 mm                          1476 x 275 pixels
Foreground:                 125,0 x 19,5 mm                          1476 x 230 pixels

For further information we refer to the detailed Sketch Sheet for Floating Action.  Just follow the link and right click on the PDF file to download and save to your computer.
Long Barrel Model  or Short Barrel Model



Requirements for acrylic products like key rings, bottle openers, magnets and orange peeler are depending on the product’s size and shape.
Artwork must be, at minimum, double the size of imprint size you have chosen. 

Go to the ordering acrylic key rings page for more details. 

For further information call 1-800-325-0889.

Contact us today for a FREE quote for Custom Floating Action Pens for your business today! Want more information on our pen designs & products, please visit our other site at Fairway Manufacturing Co.

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